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Lisead Line Service
Internet Leased Line


The internet is absolutely vital for the world of business nowadays. Some companies do, of course, rely on the internet more than others. There are some who need a dedicated line in place because a slow internet speed or regular downtime could have a severe impact on revenue.

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 Broadband Internet in Noida
Corporate Broadband

Fibre Network


Switch to Costel Networks India’s Fastest Internet for Your Business with Speed up to 1 Gbps. Supports 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz bands for seamless experience of up to Gigabit. Budget-friendly Offers. Unlimited Data Volume.Enhance Business Agility. High-speed Connectivity.

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 Evant Internet In Noida -Costel Networks Pvt Ltd
Event Internet

Wi-Fi Services

Are you organizing a conference, training day, media tent, sports event, rock concert or any other event where you need internet access? Costel Networks Event Wi-Fi provides high speed internet for your delegates or visitors or they can email, connect, network, share upload pictures and..

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HotSport Service in Delhi-NCR
Hotspot and Hospitality Solution

HSIA Service

Indias leading provider of Wired and Wireless HSIA services to Premium and 5 Star Hospitality / Hotel Chains.Wide experience in setting up Wi-Fi in Malls, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Colleges, Townships, Cities.

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CCTV Camera Installation



Repair & Service

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) uses cameras and monitors to carry out video surveillance. Unlike broadcast television this system has only local signal.

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 Best Brodband Service in Noida
Costel Networks project



What is Project ?

Project is something to deliver in proper , lient,& paragraphically way which makes complex lebal to a simpler mode .

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Costel Networks Supports
Technical Support

Technical support is “Pitch for a Company “for its growth that’s why “Costel” focuses on support after delivery so Customer gets 24x7 services for their growth.

A Technical Support engineer is responsible for providing technical support to client in person and remotely.

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