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Fiber optic Services in Delhi-NCR

Underground Installation of Fiber Optic Cable Placing

In the installation of underground cables, they are carefully placed within ducts constructed beneath the ground surface. This method becomes crucial in urban areas with limited space for telecommunication cables, demanding efficient utilization. The use of conduits in underground installations serves a dual purpose, shielding the cable from both physical and environmental threats. These conduits act as a protective barrier against shifting rocks, aggressive rodents, and potential damage from hand shovels.

Underground cables encased in conduits offer a convenient solution for replacement or upgrades, eliminating the need for extensive and costly excavation. The process involves pulling out the old cable from the conduit and seamlessly installing the new one. This underground conduit system, inclusive of cables and ducts, plays a vital role in telecommunications infrastructure

Telecommunication conduits come in various materials and can be either directly buried in the soil or encased in concrete. The introduction of fiber optic cables has significantly optimized the use of available underground conduit space due to their small diameter and significantly higher communications traffic capacity. Typically, optical cables are placed within a 25 to 40 mm inside diameter (ID) sub-duct, which is then inserted into an existing larger diameter communications conduit. These conduits can usually accommodate three or four sub-ducts, often referred to as innerducts.

Innerducts enhance the efficiency of the conduit system by providing a clean, low coefficient-of-friction pathway and an additional layer of mechanical protection for optical cables. For applications involving micro-duct cables, small diameter ducts (microducts) ranging from approximately 5 mm to 14 mm inside diameter are employed. Microduct cables are blown (jetted) into these microducts, while standard size fiber optic cables are conventionally pulled into innerducts (sub-ducts) within the communications conduit system.

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