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Fiber Broadband Internet and Leased Line Services Provider in Delhi-NCR.

Internet Service

Welcome to Costel Networks!

Costel Networks specializes in delivering fixed wireless broadband to areas in the city currently underserved by traditional telecom and cable companies. With our current network footprint encompassing Delhi and the NCR region, we aim to target the entire country's residential market and provide connectivity solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Our commitment to affordability has positioned us as pioneers in delivering accessible Internet services in the market

At Coastal Network, we stand as the ultimate choice for securing the best broadband in your area, ensuring unmatched connectivity and top-tier services. Explore our unwavering commitment to being the leading Broadband Provider, delivering internet solutions in India that are not only reliable but also the fastest in the market. Effortlessly check broadband availability in your area with Coastal Network, where our dedication to excellence extends to being recognized as the Best ISP in India. As your trusted Fiber Internet Provider, Coastal Network takes pride in offering the best WiFi broadband plans for Corporate small to mid-size businesses throughout India. When it comes to internet excellence, Coastal Network is undoubtedly the best broadband connection you can rely on for seamless connectivity in your area.

Corporate Broadband

Costel networks is leading ISP, having vast experience & always driving towards a better and more exciting future for our clients. Costel specializes in providing comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions for various sectors, including malls, hotel chains, coffee shops, townships, park areas, and more.

High Speed Broadband & Dedicated Leased Line Services Provider

Our Excellent Services

Lisead Line Service

Internet Leased Line


The internet has become a crucial asset in today's business world, with varying degrees of reliance among companies. Some businesses, recognizing the potential impact of slow internet speeds or regular downtime on revenue, opt for a dedicated line. For individuals, especially regular gamers, a dependable connection is essential to avoid latency issues.

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 Broadband Internet in Noida

Corporate Broadband

Fibre Network Connection

Switch to Costel Networks India’s Fastest Internet for Your Business with Speed up to 1 Gbps. Supports 2.4 Ghz& 5 Ghz bands for seamless experience of up to Gigabit. Budget-friendly Offers. Unlimited Data Volume. Enhance Business Agility. High-speed Connectivity. Save Extra Time & Money.

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 Evant Internet In Noida -Costel Networks Pvt Ltd

Event Internet

Wi-Fi Services

Are you planning a conference, training day, media tent, sports event, rock concert, or any gathering where seamless internet access is essential? Costel Networks Event Wi-Fi delivers high-speed connectivity for your attendees, enabling them to effortlessly email, connect, network, share, upload pictures, and report on your event.

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HotSport Service in Delhi-NCR

Hotspot and Hospitality Solution

HSIA Service

India's foremost supplier of High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solutions, both wired and wireless, catering to premium and 5-star hospitality and hotel chains. Extensive expertise in deploying Wi-Fi networks in diverse settings, including malls, coffee shops, hotels, colleges, townships, and cities.

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CCTV Camera Installation


Installation & Repair Service

At Costel Networks Pvt Ltd, we specialize in comprehensive CCTV Installation and Maintenance solutions tailored to meet your security needs. Our team of skilled technicians ensures the seamless integration of cutting-edge closed-circuit television systems..

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 Best Brodband Service in Noida

Costel Networks project

Installation & Configuration

What is Project ?

Project is something to deliver in proper , lient,& paragraphically way which makes complex lebal to a simpler mode .

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High Speed Broadband Internet Connection in Noida

5G Internet Connection | Wi-fi zone creation


Internet Connection

5G Internet Provider in Delhi-NCR

Fifth-generation wireless (5G) stands at the forefront of cellular technology, aiming to substantially boost the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. Through 5G, the transmission of data over wireless broadband connections has the potential to attain multigigabit speeds, with estimates suggesting peak speeds reaching an impressive 20 gigabits per second (Gbps).

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Fiber optic

Under Ground

Fiber Boradband Service in Noida

Underground cables are strategically placed within ducts constructed beneath the ground surface. This approach becomes crucial in urban settings where available space for telecommunication cables is constrained, necessitating a more efficient use of the available infrastructure. The installation of cables underground offers a dual layer of ..

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Wi-fi zone creation


A Wi-Fi hotspot Privider in Delhi-NCR Costel Networks

A Wi-Fi hotspot, commonly found in public venues, provides Internet access to users. While anyone with a wireless router can create a wireless zone or hotspot, in a home or office setting, it also allows users to connect to local network resources like printers and scanners.

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We are always driving towards a better and more exciting future for our clients. We have pioneered the art of providing affordable Corporate broadband service in market


Costel Networks combines speed and efficiency to create practical internet solutions for households and workplaces
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Technical support is “Pitch for a Company “for its growth that’s why “Costel” focuses on support after delivery so Customer gets 24x7 services for their growth.
A Technical Support engineer is responsible for providing technical support to client in person and remotely.
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