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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) uses cameras and monitors to carry out video surveillance. Unlike broadcast television this system has only local signal. It is a feature of almost every video camera, yet CCTV is mainly a system for visual control of certain areas such as banks, airports, supermarkets, and other places for security reasons.

CCTV is often used to control production process, especially when people are recommended to stay away from the area (due to dangerous or unhealthy conditions). CCTV may work non-stop or during set periods of time, or watching a definite area and event. Another type of CCTV is digital video recorder (DVR). These devices vary in quality and features: motion detection, email or cell phone messaging etc. CCTV is widely used to observe public areas worldwide.

The CCTV is the process that carried out using the video cameras for transmitting the signal to the specific location, on the limited set of monitors. We are talking about the video cameras that are used for monitoring on such guarded objects as airports, banks, stores, military objects, etc. CCTV equipment is also used in the industrial installations, for surveillance in the public places, for recording the video on the digital video recorders.

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