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Are you organizing a conference, training day, media tent, sports event, rock concert or any other event where you need internet access? Costel Networks Event Wi-Fi provides high speed internet for your delegates or visitors or customers. so they can email, connect, network, share upload pictures and report on your event. Our solution contains everything you need to get you up online at your event.

Wi-Fi and other technologies are key to the success of todays events and tradeshows. Interactivity is the order of the day. Audiences no longer want to be passive. Expectation for network connectivity and engaging content is high with the proliferation of network-enabled devices.

Providing a reliable Wi-Fi connection in a high density environment like a corporate trade show is far from easy. A quality Wi-Fi connection requires an experienced team of network engineers using the latest technological equipment to achieve success. Using our technical expertise and hardware we connect people across world to the internet. It doesnt matter whether you are hosting a VIP hospitality party, business conference or a racing circuit day, we can give your special event a superb Wi-Fi experience. Offering a reliable Wi-Fi service to venues, businesses and event companies, we have the skills and resources to get you connected at extremely short notice. Our Event Wi-Fi service is secure, fast and thoroughly reliable.

If you are hosting an outdoor or indoor event, your guests and employees are going to bring along their smartphones and will want to upload pictures onto Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing images is an integral part of any social experience. However, if you dont have free Wi-Fi available then your event is likely to disappoint guests. Everyone needs access to the internet and 3G/4G signals are often intermittent and unsatisfactory.

Anyone trying to receive a 3G/4G signal in a remote field or inaccessible location may struggle to connect.

If you have a large amount of people trying to access the internet at the same time, especially on multiple devices, the chances are the 3G signal wont be able to cope.

An exclusive Wi-Fi connection supplied by Costel Networks will demonstrate how much you care about your delegates. Allowing them to share and document stories about your event, it will also provide greater publicity and enrich the entire experience.

As a reliable and experienced Wi-Fi provider its a huge responsibility we undertake in ensuring your event is a seamless interactive experience. With our technical expertise and hardware we can give you bespoke Wi-Fi service that will ensure your guests are well-connected. We can get you online wherever you choose to hold an event.

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